Discover Boyardville and the famous Fort Boyard

Fort Boyard, an emblem of Oleron Island

It is undoubtedly in Boyardville that you will have the best view of the famous Fort Boyard.

This stone ship has impressive dimensions: 68 meters long, 32 meters wide and 20 meters high.

Fort Boyard cannot be visited from the inside but you can admire it up close thanks to the many cruises departing from the Boyardville marina.

Did you know ?

Fort Boyard was for a long time nicknamed the "Fort of the useless"... Built in several phases from 1804 to 1857 to protect the mouth of the Charente River, the roadstead on the island of Aix and the large arsenal at Rochefort, Fort Boyard quickly became ineffective in the face of artillery advances and the growing range of new cannons...

At the end of the Second Empire, the fort was transformed into a military prison for Prussian and Austrian soldiers before becoming a state prison where communards in transit for the New Caledonian penal colony were held.

Boyardville, between sea and forest

Boyardville is known above all for its magnificent panorama of Fort Boyard. Many cruises are organized throughout the year to bring you closer to Fort Boyard, to discover the island of Aix or to leave for a day or more in La Rochelle.

Boyardville is also a marina bordered by shops which in summer becomes a lively place day and night.

Several beaches in Boyardville have been awarded the "Blue Flag" label:

  • The Boyardville beach: It is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the town. It is located near the shops and offers a breathtaking view of the famous Fort Boyard.
  • La plage des Saumonards: Located on the edge of the forest, this magnificent beach is ideal for relaxing or swimming (unsupervised). A naturist area is located on this beach in the direction of La Gauterelle.

In summer, the market takes place every morning on the market square in downtown Boyardville. In July/August, a small night market is organized on the market square.

In the marshes between Saint-Georges and Boyardville, discover the oyster farmers and their shack. It is possible to taste and buy oysters from Île d'Oléron.

Take advantage of a beautiful bike ride or walk along the various bicycle paths in the heart of the salmon forest.

For more information on Boyardville and the activities to come, do not hesitate to contact the Boyardville tourist office.