Fishing on Oleron Island

Several types of fishing can be practised on Oleron island on the Atlantic Ocean, whether you are a beginner or an amateur.

Fishing on foot

For the pleasure of going fishing on foot on Oleron island to last over time, it is important to respect certain rules:

  • If you turn over a stone, you have to put it back in the same place as you found it, so as not to go against the marine eco-system.
  • Make sure you respect the minimum size of your catch (a mesh size is available at the tourist office on request).
  • Respect fishing areas on foot and do not go to areas classified as "protected site".
  • You can't catch more than 5 kg of shellfish.
  • u will find on Oleron island different species such as knives, flions, cockles, prairies, clams, mussels and for the lucky ones, crabs and spiders.


Many service providers from the port of La Cotinière or Saint-Denis d'Oléron offer you the possibility of boarding a boat to go angling on the open sea.

Many places on Oleron island are favourable for angling such as the beach of Saint-Denis, the beach of La Cotinière, the beach of Chaucre or the beach of Saint-Trojan-Les-Bains.

In all cases, you will have to be careful to respect the mesh size of the fish you catch.

The fish locks

Fish locks are private marine concessions. You are not permitted to pick up fish and fish within 25 metres of them.

The fish locks represent a real historical heritage on Oleron island since in the 19th century it was one of the most used methods for fishing. There were 237 locks at that time, compared to 17 locks today.

You can admire a reconstruction of a fish lock in the gardens of the Chassiron lighthouse in the north of Oleron island